My business card makes two statements:

Events Manager . Wine Drinker

As it turns out, when these two things are combined i.e. ‘organiser & borderline alcoholic (with relatively expensive tastes)’, some very geeky maps are born. 

I shan’t feign that I am the first to have the idea, nor that my idea is necessarily the best version of what I’m representing. But I will say that if you like food, wine and every now and again a touch of culture, these maps are a pretty good bet to show you a good time.

Any sexy photos you might find on here or over on the insta that I didn’t mastermind are courtesy of my fella Chris Mann who is much more behind the beauty where I take the reigns on the brains (sorry Chris).

You can find more of him making people and places look good:

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Insta | @mannphoto